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All About Sell Concrete


Hi, my name is Richard Quick.

My team and I provide any and all digital marketing services you will ever need to sell concrete services and products faster and easier.

I have personally worked on a shotcrete crew, and have done flatwork.

In my spare time lol, I am inventing better ways to build houses with concrete. 

Recently, I invented an interlocking concrete block. 

I haven’t even started the patent process yet, so don’t hold your breath.  No, I am not releasing any details about it, sorry.



Laminated Ferrocement

My other interest is in laminated ferrocement for house construction.

You can think of ferrocement as stucco on steroids.

It is very labor intensive work, and therefore, it is not cost effective here in the U.S.A.

My goal with laminated ferrocement is to create pre-cast sections that can be assembled into a house.

You can learn more about ferrocement at the Ferrocement Educational Network


I really feel that it is important for a marketing agency to be able to speak the same language as their customers, and in my case, to have hands in the mud experience.


That experience permits me to understand, what companies like yours really need to succeed, so you can be putting cash in the bank. 


How I Got Started At Sell Concrete


Years ago, I started marketing products and services online.  I went from one industry niche to another as I learned and improved my marketing skills.


I was never really satisfied, because I didn’t have any lasting interest in those industries.  It somehow escaped me that I have been interested in concrete since 1990 when I was on the shotcrete crew.


Then, one day, I realized that I now knew what every concrete contractor needs to know…


Stuff that no mud man wants to know anything about, much less, having to actually do it.


Yup, I’m talking about sales and marketing.


You know you have to do it, but you don’t have any interest in learning how to market your business.


Heck, at the end of a long day, you don’t even have the energy or the time to implement it into your business.


I know that, because I’ve been there, and I did that!


I realized that good marketing can turn a troubled concrete business into a cash spitting ATM machine.


That was the start of Sell Concrete!



How Does Marketing Pay For Itself?


Whether you call it online marketing, digital marketing, direct response marketing or some other form of marketing – effective marketing can more than pay for itself.


Disclaimer:  Each business is different from every other concrete business and your results may not be typical.


Having said that, it is very possible to double, triple or even quadruple every dollar you spend on marketing.  It has been done in many businesses and industries, and you could be next.


Don’t expect that to happen overnight, but it is very possible.



How Do I Double My Money With Effective Marketing?


So, here are the cold, hard, concrete facts:


  • The better your website is right now, the harder it will be to get an immediate high return on your marketing budget.  Your business will always grow and be more profitable with additional marketing.  However, improving on an already excellent website takes more time and effort.


  • If you don’t have a website, or it’s very basic and outdated, the chances of doubling your money are much better.


  • Your competition, in your local concrete market, is perhaps the biggest factor to your success or failure.


 If your competition is a better marketer than you are, you are going to lose customers to him.



Effective Marketing From Sell Concrete Is All About:


  • People who need concrete work, find you instead of your competitor.


  • Being found requires well written content on your website, and properly completed and optimized business directory profile listings.


  • Your ability to close the sale is better than your competitor.


  • Closing more sales is all about preselling the customer on you and your company. This requires that they know, like and trust you.


  • Know, like and trust factors are extremely important within social media platforms. Such as in Facebook groups, and reviews in business directory listings.


  • People read reviews about your business, and your competitors business, before they decide who to call.


If you have no reviews, or only have bad reviews, in Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Manta, Angie’s List, etc., your competitor thanks you for putting his kids through college.




Effective Marketing


Will Sell Concrete Jobs Faster & Easier




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