Concrete business profits are directly tied to local directory citations, and the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that local citations provide to your website.

Unless you have been living in an underground concrete bomb shelter since the 1950s.  You already know that everyone searches online to find what they want. That includes searches for concrete industry businesses and concrete contractors.


If Your Concrete Business Can’t be Found Easily

Your Competitor Is Getting Your Customers!


When you use your cell phone to search for: concrete contractor St. Paul MN, what do you see first? It’s the map of St. Paul and 3 businesses.

The search engine thinks those businesses are the best results for that search phrase.

You will have to scroll down to see any of the organic search results when using a mobile device. You will see those results are located immediately under the map results.

Therefore, the 3 businesses shown in the map results are the easiest concrete contractors to find, and they will get the vast majority of the customers.

If you aren’t one of them, you’re losing customers to your competitors.

Later, I will give you some tips on how to get your business listed in the map results.

Hint: You will be using Local Directory Citations SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods.

But first, you must understand what local directory citations are, and the many problems caused by poorly created citations.

Local directory citations In St. Paul MN shown on Google Map


Answer: Having your business name, address, and phone number accurately listed in all of the top-rated business directories related to your concrete business.

In the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area there are 10 directories that are the most important for your business to be listed in.

When you are not listed in all of them, you are losing customers to your competitors.

In which case, your competitors are secretly saying: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” for sending their children to the best private schools.

In my Home Page Article titled: Sell More Concrete Jobs, Make More Money And Work Less!, I talk about how people search online to find your business.

One thing should be perfectly obvious to you.  When a potential customer searches for a concrete contractor, your business must show up. If not, then you are losing customers and the income they provide.



There are some very large directories you have never heard of. Those directories provide your business information to Google and Bing.

Your business information must be absolutely accurate according to Google’s and Bing’s requirements. If not, you’re in for a rough ride in the barrel of a Peterbilt concrete truck.



Directory Listings (Citations)

are the foundation to your successful concrete business marketing strategy.

Some marketing strategies are more complex than others, but you must build a strong foundation!

Local directory citations are like poured concrete foundations for your business.
You see, the accuracy of your business information is crucial for Google, and the other search engines, to trust your business as being the most relevant result to show when someone searches for a concrete business.

The search engines must provide the very best results possible for any search query, in order for the search engines to stay in business.

Therefore, you must make sure that your business information is completely accurate and reliable.  Otherwise, your business won’t show up in the search results.

Google won’t bet their business income on your faulty info.


How Hard Can It Be To Have Accurate Business Directory Listings?


For example: Say your business name is: Dick’s Concrete Incorporated

What if one of the directories has the listing as: Dick’s Concrete Inc.

What’s the problem with that, you say?

It doesn’t exactly match to: Dick’s Concrete Incorporated

Here is another inaccurate listing: Dicks Concrete Incorporated

Can you see the problem? Look closer, now.


That Can’t Be Too Hard To Fix, Right?

If you believe that, I’ve got some cement overshoes I’d like to sell you.

First of all, the search engines don’t just rely upon the information that they receive from their primary info sources, which are known as data aggregators.

Google and Bing takes the info from the aggregators, and compares it to information they find from thousands of other sources.

If those other sources don’t exactly match, your info is going to get dumped out of the Peterbilt and into the hopper of an aerial concrete pumper.

I mentioned earlier that there are 10 top directories for the St. Paul, MN area that concrete contractors need to be listed in.

That is in addition to the 6 data aggregators.

So, you need to get local directory citations for your businerss into a minimum of 16 directories.

Let’s say you get all 16 directories properly listed, but there are still numerous other local directory citations that could have listing mistakes in them.

Such as the local Better Business Bureau, concrete trade organizations, a city business directory, blogs about your city or neighborhood, local newspapers and many, many others.

More Local Directory Citations That Can Smash Concrete Business Profits


  • Have you ever changed your business phone number?
  •  Did you grow your business so that you had to relocate the business?

In either case, you could have that old phone number and old address showing up in your local directory citations, and causing confusion for poor old Google.

Having multiple business locations can add to your problems also.

There is a specific way to have your other business locations listed in Google Maps that won’t ruin your business directory listings.


Having Duplicate Local Directory Citations Is Like Pouring Concrete Into Your Boots


So, what do I mean by duplicate citations?

Simply put, that is two business listings for the same business location, in the same directory.

Duplicate local directory citations are sometimes created by the search engines themselves.

I don’t know why, but mud happens.

Another reason for duplicates is that you might think 2 listings are better than one for improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.  Wrong!

Lots of people think they can still do things that worked years ago, but citations SEO rules keep changing.

You have to adapt and stay up to date with the new requirements or fall behind those concrete businesses that do stay up to date.

Citations SEO rules are different in various ways from website on-page SEO rules, but one thing is always true – duplicate content is the kiss of death.


Always remove duplicate directory citations


 When a customer drives to your old location and doesn’t find you, you might as well be out of business.

• Getting good reviews can be hard enough all by its self.  However, you want all of your reviews on just one directory listing and not split up between duplicate listings. That only lowers your SEO ranking.

• Google, Bing and the other search engines will not trust either of those 2 listings.   Remember that distrust prevents your business being the best result for an online search. That can prevent your business from showing up in the search results.

• Duplicate local directory citations with incorrect information in one directory, is frequently repeated over and over many times in other directories. This can lead Google to think the incorrect listing is actually the correct listing and best listing for your business. Oh, what a mess that creates.

Perfectly Accurate Duplicate Listings Are Big Trouble


Duplicate listings with absolutely, perfectly accurate, information for your concrete business can be the worst thing you ever did.

In this case Google has to decide which listing to use for your business.

Google will use its other SEO rules to determine which listing has the most authority for your business.

The problem is that you don’t know which listing that is.

So, when you go to update a phone number or address, you could be updating the wrong listing.

This results in your updates never appearing live in the listings.

Why?  Well,  Google has determined that that listing isn’t the correct info for your business.

This problem can be fixed, but don’t try this at home.


How does Google Decide Which Local Directory Citations Have The Most Authority For Your Concrete Business?


That has always been the million-dollar question.

Google isn’t telling, and the answer keeps changing and evolving.

Good marketers know that high quality original content is always the most important thing.

Everything else is in addition to original content.

That is what Search Engine Optimization is all about.

That is what Local Directory Citations SEO is all about.

Some business directories permit you to describe your business in great detail.

Google My Business actually provides a free mini website that you can use to promote your business. 

To be able to use Google’s

Free Mini Website

you must claim your business directory listing.


Doing so is free, but it is confusing.

The first time I claimed a business I had to request a verification “post card” (not really a post card, but that is what they call it) to be sent to the business address 3 times.

The first two times I tried to verify that business, I entered the verification code, but was told by Google that the code was invalid. Yes, the validation code that Google sent for me to use.

It takes about a week for the post card to be delivered, so this turned out to be a 3-week process.

The problem is that Google tells you to do one thing right away.

However, if you follow Googles own instructions exactly, it won’t work.

There is a way that you can verify your business by phone, but many people have trouble with that method also.

Do you need help in claiming your Google My Business local directory citation listing?

Email me at

and just say “Claim my Google listing”


How Do I Optimize My Company’s Google My Business Directory Citation?


Claim your business listing, if you have not already done so.

• Your business name, address and phone number must be accurate.

• You need to select the best business category for uyour business.  Usually, that will be Concrete Contractor, or if your main business is a Construction Company then that would be a better choice.

You can choose from a long list of 2,395 types of businesses. You need to be as accurate as possible in your selection.

• If you do not see customers at your location, be sure to select that option when claiming your business listing.

• Select the areas that you service.

• Make sure the days and hours that your business is open are listed.

• Upload pictures of yourself, your employees, and especially pictures of the kind of concrete services you provide.

• Be sure you make good use of the FREE mini website Google provides.

It does NOT replace your own website (you do have one, right?).

Tell Google what you do specifically.  This is your opportunity to tell Google why your business should rank higher than your competitor’s business in the map listings.

• Respond to all of the reviews people leave about your business. I mean ALL of your reviews: the good, the bad, and the mud ugly!


Bad reviews must be dealt with one way or another.


You should try to reach the people who left the bad reviews to resolve the problem.

Otherwise, you have to smother the bad reviews with lots of good reviews.

If you need help with that, email

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