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To sell concrete services and products, you need more people contacting you.

That’s obvious, but what isn’t so obvious is how do people find you?

As much as 50-60% of the time –

the answer is –

smart phones.

Sell Concrete is murdering my competition cartoon

Hint: Your website must be optimized for mobile devices.  Otherwise, you are losing 50-60% of your customers to your competitor who is mobile optimized.


If You Can’t Be Found – You Aren’t In Business!

You Can’t Sell Concrete Jobs If No One Contacts You!

Before potential customers will call you:

  • They must find your phone number.
  • To find you, they will search for: concrete contractor, concrete driveway, concrete countertop, etc.

So, what happens if your company doesn’t show up in the search results?

 Ultimately, your competitor will get the phone call, and the job.

With this in mind, I did a Google search for: concrete contractors st paul mn

So, who do you think is going to get the phone call?




When your company doesn’t show up in the top 3 positions  of the map results,

you are losing at least 50% of your customers!


The next best place for your company to show up in, is postiton #1 0f the Google search results.  Which is immediately beneath the map results – where it says “25 Best Concrete Contractors - Saint Paul MN | HomeAdvisor”.

Ultimately, that is where your business needs to be.


When You Are In:

The Google Map “3 Pack”


The #1 Top Search Result

You Will Get 75% Of The Phone Calls


How Do I Get The Other 25% Of The Phone Calls?

Those people will be looking at the websites of the businesses shown in the Google Map 3 pack.

They are comparison shopping.

In the event that you don’t have a website.  Or if your competitor’s website does a better job of selling your services – your competitors are going to get the phone call.

There are many ways to compel visitors that are looking at your website to buy concrete services from you.  However, to sell concrete services, it all boils down to just three things:

  1. How well do they know you?
  2. How much do they like you?
  3. Do they trust you?


How Do Potential Customers Know You?

Why Is That Important?


Your mother told you not to talk to strangers – she might just as well have said, “Don’t buy from strangers!”

In fact, throughout our lives we have been conditioned to be wary of strangers.

Similarly, anything strange or new to us, immediately gets our defenses up, until we understand that this strange new thing is actually good for us.

In any event, potential customers must overcome their fear of strangers (You!) before you can sell concrete jobs to them.

They want to know you look like a real human, and not a zombie from an alien space ship.

  • Put your smiling face on your website.
  • Tell them you coach a baseball team, or tell them about some other community related activity you are involved in.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some of your personality on your website.
  • Social media is a good way to sell concrete.
  • Let people know that you are the right concrete contractor for them. One way to do that, is to have a Facebook Fan Page which is separate from your personal Facebook page.


Fact: People Buy From People They Like

Here again, showing some of your personality will go a long way to getting that next concrete job.

Think about it: When you buy a new pickup truck, you can pick any dealership that sells the truck that you want, but some salesmen just rub you the wrong way, and you wouldn’t buy from them for any reason.

In fact, there is a dealership near me that I won’t ever go back to.  Simply, because all of their salesmen seemed pretty slimy to me.


Concrete Sales Are Built On Trust


  • Does your company project a trustworthy image?
  • Does your website prove that you, and your company, can do the kind of work the customer wants?
  • You must have pictures or videos of your past work so that customers can see the quality of your work.
  • Testimonials are an excellent way to create trust with your new potential customers.
  • Facebook and other social media provide reviews about your business (and you). Bad reviews can kill your business, but good reviews will create trust, and will send new customers to your business.
  • Business Directories also have reviews!


People Use Smart Phones To Read Business Directory Reviews About Your Business


  • Do you know what those reviews say about you? Bad reviews will send your customers to your competitors!
  • So, have you claimed your business listing on these directories yet?

Google My Business



  • Unclaimed listings are dangerous!

Anyone – even your competitor

can claim your business listing!


In other words, that means that your competitor could steal your customers by sending them to his website.

In fact, some jerk could claim your business listing, and send your customers to a porn site!

If you would like help in claiming your Business Directory Listings, email me at: just say “Get me listed!” and I will send you more details.  




Sell More Concrete Jobs, Make More Money And Work Less?



3 Steps To Sell Concrete, Make More Money And Work Less:


  1. Above all, don’t waste your time doing estimates for tire kickers.

Tire kickers are:

  • Almost always looking for the lowest price.
  • They are not sure you are the right concrete contractor for them.
  • They don’t know what they really want.


The Solution To Tire Kickers:

Most importantly,

you can charge a higher price

when the customer is convinced that YOU are the only person they want to work with. 

That means they must know, like, and trust you more than your competitor!

Also, you must realize that people ask for estimates as a way of gathering information – not to buy immediately.

That information should be found on your website before they call you.

So, don’t waste your time educating them in person, when your website can do it for you.

In other words, you should only be talking to people who are ready to buy right now.


To Sell Concrete Jobs, You Must Prequalify Customers


So, when the customer calls you, and says they want a concrete driveway, you must prequalify them.

First, you need to know what they want, and decide if that is a service you want to provide.

You need to know if they want plain flatwork or stamped flatwork, etc.


You don’t want to do low profit jobs when you can get enough high profit jobs to fill your schedule.


Second, you must know if they can afford what they say they want.

That means asking them what their budget is.

Usually, they don’t want to tell you that.

So, ask them for a ballpark dollar range. Explain that you don’t want to waste their time if they can’t afford  your services.

Ask if they have gotten estimates from other contractors, and how much those estimates were.

If they hesitate, ask for a ballpark figure.

This way you are not directly asking what their budget is, but now you know what you are competing against.

This is where your website can save you time  – time you can spend on other jobs, and time you can spend with the family.


How Can My Website Save Me Time And Money?


How this works:

When the customer gets to your website they should see examples of your work, and the difference in cost between plain concrete driveways and stamped driveways.

Don’t say: “this driveway is $6,000 and that one is $9,000”

Do say: “The stamped concrete driveway is $3,000 more than the plain concrete driveway.”

Result:  When the customer calls you, they have already prequalified themselves between the cost/value of plain and stamped concrete. 

In other words, they already know that they can’t afford the stamped concrete.

That means you don’t have to talk to them about it on the phone, or try to sell stamped when you are at their home.

This is just one example of how your website will prevent you from wasted estimates on people who would never buy from you.

Finally, the people who do call you after seeing your website, will already know, like and trust you. All you have to do is write the estimate and close the sale.

By talking to fewer people, making fewer estimates, and selling more jobs – you can work less and make more money!

Additionally, you must always promote additional concrete services to your current and past customers.

Ask your customers if they need a concrete patio, pool apron, fire pit or a concrete kitchen countertop.

Keep in touch with all your customers, and ask for referrals and testimonials.


Make More Money With These Services From Sell Concrete


  • Getting your business in the top 3 map pack listings.
  • Place your business in the #1 search results.
  • Create a new website that is designed to attract more visitors, and to convert those visitors into customers.
  • Improvements to your current website.
  • Claim your business directory listings to keep them out of the hands of your competitor.
  • Optimize your directory listings to create those know, like, and trust factors.
  • Set up your Business Facebook Fan Page and other social media accounts, to get you more positive reviews and more customers.
  • Manage all of your social media accounts, to get you more good reviews and to deal with the negative reviews.
  • Any other services that you want, such as: writing content for your website, paid advertising – either online or local newspapers, advertising flyers, videos


I spend my time helping concrete contractors and other concrete industry businesses to sell concrete!