Concrete Marketing Wars For New Local Business Customers is all about how effective marketing can win or lose the war for new customers.

This Concrete Marketing Report Is For All Concrete Contractors, Concrete Services companies, and concrete product companies In The USA

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  • Commercial concrete
  • Decorative Concrete
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Why Does Google Hate These 2 Companies?

What is WRONG with their marketing plan?





ALEWELT CONCRETE is 54 miles south of Mason City IA

BREMIK, LLC is 54 miles east of Mason City

Neither of these companies are ranked on the first page of the Google search returns for: concrete pumping Mason City IA.

In fact, neither of them show up in the top 40 search results!

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota.

So, when I search for “concrete pumping Mason City IA” here are the results:

Google search results for: concrete pumping Mason City IA

What ALEWELT CONCRETE and BREMIK, LLC have going for them is:

  1. Business Relevance – They are actual concrete pumping companies, not just concrete contractors.
  2. Location Relevance – These two companies are the closest concrete pumping companies to Mason City, that are actually located in Iowa, not Minnesota.


Why Google Hates These 2 Businesses


  • You have not provided enough proof that your business is legitimate. Sure, you are honest and hard-working, but that isn’t what Google wants!

Google Chrome, and the other search engines, want other trusted businesses to “vouch” for your business.  This is known as having business citations and social media citations.

Creating citations is tedious, time consuming, and must be done absolutely perfectly.  No mistakes allowed!  This can be accomplished in a couple of weeks, but the results will last forever.

Business and social media citations are the foundation for any local business’ concrete marketing plan.  If you want to set this up for your business, fill out our Contact Us Form.  

  • Your business is not relevant at the location people are searching from (Mason City).

In general, your business is most relevant at your physical location, and less so farther away.  This can be overcome in several ways, depending upon your business’s particular circumstances.

  •  Neither business is making use of proper business directory citations. By optimizing business and social media citations they could easily be on the first page of the Google search results for: concrete pumping Mason City, Iowa.
  • Both businesses need better websites. Including more properly crafted and designed content and on-page search engine optimization.  When combined with the business directory citations mentioned above, either of these businesses could be at the top of the search results for: concrete pumping Mason City, Iowa.

So, what is the solution to these problems?

Create a concrete marketing plan that makes it easy for Google to love your business.


What Search Engines Absolutely Demand From Your Business


  1. Proof that your business can be trusted.
  2. Relevance to what people search for.
  3. Relevance to where people search from.


At the top of the organic search results we have:

Best 4 Concrete Pumping Contractors in Mason City, IA with Reviews …

Concrete Pumping Contractors in Mason City on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Concrete Pumping Contractors …

That link leads us to this page with 4 businesses shown:

Concrete marketing for concrete pumping businesses, Yellow Pages listing for concrete pumping contractors Mason City IA

City Concrete Co. has 2 locations in Austin Minnesota, which is 50 miles north of Mason City IA.

North Central Iowa Concrete Pumping, Inc. is 47 miles south of Mason City

Red Man Concrete Pumping is in Minnesota, 61 miles northeast of Mason City


1. What this means: Yellow Pages is trusted by Google, and that is why Yellow Pages ranks in the top 2 search results. Even though some of the information Yellow Pages provides is not accurate.  For instance, the website listed for the second listing of City Concrete Co. goes to a company in Texas.


2. Three of these business listings aren’t even in Iowa! They are located in Minnesota, but they are physically closer to Mason City Iowa than any of the other businesses listed in the search results.


3. This shows that the concrete pumping business that is closest to the person searching, has a better chance of being found by the customer. That is called: location relevance.


The second organic listing is this:

Best 2 Concrete Pumping in Mason City, IA with Reviews –

When you click on that listing you go to this page:
Yellow Pages listing of: Best 2 Concrete Pumping in Mason City, IA with Reviews

The two businesses listed, are in Mason City, IA, but they are not concrete pumping businesses.


What this means:

  1. Again, Yellow Pages is highly trusted by Google, and the headline:

Best 2 Concrete Pumping in Mason City, IA with Reviews –,

is highly related to the search term: concrete pumping Mason City IA.  This is known as Topic Relevance – it is highly related to the search query I made.

  1. However, Yellow Pages doesn’t have any better businesses to promote than 2 concrete companies that don’t even pump concrete. The reason they show up in the Yellow Pages listing, is because those two businesses are actually located in Mason City, and they are still generally related to concrete.  This is another example of location relevance combined with topic relevance.

3. In this example, if your concrete pumping business was being listed in the Yellow Pages, that would get your business found, instead of your competitors.

4. However, there are better business directories than Yellow Pages, that your company must be listed in, in order to out rank all of your competitors.  The best directories for your business will vary according to your business type, physical location, and the directories that your competition are listed in.

Get a custom concrete marketing strategy, and your company can replace Yellow Pages from positions #1 And #2.


The 3rd organic  Google listing is this:

American Concrete Pumping Iowa

American Concrete Pumping company is located in Manchester, Iowa. Currently operating with 17 pumps/belts that service Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois. … Pride from our locations in Manchester, Marion, Iowa City and Farley, Iowa. .

Manchester, Iowa is 130 miles southeast of Mason City.  Their other locations are even farther away.

Marion IA is 136.5 miles

Farley, Iowa to Mason City IA is a distance of 153 miles

Iowa City to Mason City IA is 164 miles

How did American Concrete Pumping IA get to position #3 when they are located at least 130 miles away from Mason City?

  • They have a well-designed website that is search engine optimized.
  • Their on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is doing a good job for them. It could be better.  With a little help, they could even be #1 in the organic search results.
  • Obviously, being 130 miles away from Mason City is not an obstacle to ranking! If you want to rank in another city call me at 651-373-4543


Number 4 in the Google organic search results is this:

Concrete Pumping in IA | Call 800-372-6460

Ackley, IA · Ackworth, IA · Adair, IA · Adel, IA · Afton, IA · Agency, IA · Ainsworth, IA · Akron, IA · AlbertCityIA · Albia, IA · Albion, IA · Alburnett, IA · Alden, IA …


  • I very seriously doubt that this company owns any concrete pumping equipment. Their website is designed to get customers to call them, and then they will sell that customer to a local concrete pumping business.
  • The concrete marketing methods they are using are old and becoming less effective every day.  One of the things they are doing, that no longer works very well, is that they are simply listing cities in Iowa.
  • Any actual concrete pumping company could take this ranking position with ease. How?

Contact Sell Concrete and let’s talk.


Number 5 is:

Concrete Equipment | Northern Iowa | Mason City | Mason City Rentals

RentAll rents concrete saws, diamond blades, concrete tools, demolition hammers, grinders, drills and much more! Please visit our site for more information.

  • They do not rent or sell concrete pumps.
  • However, there is a large amount of concrete related content that is well displayed.
  • This company ranks, because they are located in Mason City (location relevance), and they are generally related to the concrete industry (topic relevance).


Number 6 in the search results is:

Kustom Concrete Pumping

Kustom Concrete Pumps INC. We can help improve your bottom line, period! The common problems associated with standard concrete pouring such as uneven …

They claim to have locations in:

Fort Dodge, IA, which is 94 miles southwest of Mason City IA

Des Moines, IA  120 miles south

Jefferson, IA   129 miles southwest

Pella, IA  158 miles south

Omaha, NE 258 miles southwest

  • This is another pretty good website that does a number of on-page (SEO) search engine optimization items well.
  • I found a few obvious (obvious to me) problems that are keeping their company from ranking higher.
  • Once again, being over 90 miles away from Mason City is not an obstacle to ranking on the first page of the Google search returns.  Thiat is, if you have an effective concrete marketing plan.



Google Search Results #7-10:

  • These remaining Google search results are for businesses that do not pump concrete.





To win the marketing war for new customers:


Create a concrete marketing plan that includes the following:

  • Your business needs to show up on the map, if possible.  In this example, that is not possible for any of the concrete pumping companies.

The 2 requirements to be listed on the the map are:

  1. You must have a verified Google My Business directory listing.
  2. Your business must have a physical address at the location used in the search query.  In this example, that would be Mason City IA.


  • You need to be in the #1 Organic Search results, because that position gets 70% of all the customers, who do not click on the 3 businesses listed on the map!


  • Google needs to trust your business, and you must prove that your business is the most relevant to your customers.  This is accomplished in many different ways.  The most important way for local businesses is by having verified and optimized directory listings.

Which business is going to win the concrete marketing war in Iowa?

  • AmericanConcrete Pumping Iowa?
  • Kustom Concrete Pumps Inc.?
  • Alewelt Concrete?
  • Bremik, LLC?

Answer: The one that hires me to be their 5-star general.



Win The War For New Customers Anywhere In The USA