We really want to know what you want to achieve for your business, and how you think that could be accomplished.

We don’t think we know everything, and we certainly don’t know what is most important to you.  So, tell us!


The information requested in the Contact Us Form is what we need to understand your business, so that when we discuss your needs we have a basis of knowledge to work from.

You do expect us to do our homework, so that we don’t waste your time on the phone, or in-person, right?

Well, fill out the form and let’s get talking!

Not all concrete businesses are a good fit for us here at Sell Concrete.

However, we won’t know that, until after we discuss your desires in relationship to what we learn through our preliminary assessment.

We Are Happy To Help!  That’s What We Are Here For!

Most concrete contractors think marketing is like watching set retarded concrete cure.  Ummm… You’re probably right.

To paraphrase an old saying…

It’s a tough job, but I get to do it!

For me, marketing is like a big puzzle, and the more pieces I put together, the more money my customers make.

The more money you make, the longer you’ll keep me around!

I like that idea!


OH! The Hours We Work!

One of the benefits of working online is that my work hours are completely erratic.

It’s not unusual for me to be working at midnight, or any other time of the day or night that fits around my personal life and other responsibilities.

So, I could easily reply to your emails at unexpected times.

If you need to speak to me, but you are not yet a customer, send me an email about the subject and a good time range for me to call you.

I will do my best to fit that into my schedule, or I will let you know what times work for me.

My time is just as valuable to me, as yours is to you.

So, we need to respect each other in these regards.

With that said, feel free to contact me at: RichardQuick@sellconcrete.com


We Prefer Email Contact VS. Phone Contact – Here’s Why

If you are not already a customer of Sell Concrete, and therefore do not have my private phone number, the best way to reach me is by email at:


My current customers are my highest priority.  So, they get the option to call me directly.

However, my team and I are most efficient when you communicate via email.

Yes, this forces you to put together coherent and concise statements of what you need our attention for.

It also prevents us from losing track of important details, which wastes your time and ours.


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Better yet – fill out the form.

So that I can make a preliminary assessment of your business and website, before we talk about what you want us to do for you.