Any local SEO strategy for concrete construction companies must be specifically crafted for each company.  However, there is a basic strategy any local concrete related business can start with.

In this article I will give you the best local seo advice possible for concrete construction companies.

I base that statement upon what I see happening in the concrete industry.

local seo strategy plan for concrete construction companies

Massive Opportunities For Your Local SEO Strategy


  • Generate more customer leads & convert those leads into sales
  • Grow your business
  • Expand into new markets
  • Generally, the amount of competition online for concrete construction businesses and contractors is very little.

If you were using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.  An advertisement that targeted: concrete construction, would cost you about $5.53 (as I write this).  That means that you would pay $5.53 every time someone clicked on your advertisement.

Compare that to the highly competitive legal market I was in, where lawyers were paying $100.00-$180.00 per click.

  • It generally doesn’t take much search engine marketing to grab all of the new customers, instead of losing them to your competitors.

Additionally, the local seo tips I am giving you, can be put to use by the average concrete professional.

  • Local business seo is different from SEO marketing strategies used by companies that market nationwide.

Also, your concrete construction seo strategy plan will be quite different from the plan of retail stores, restaurants, etc.

Why Must My Concrete Construction Company SEO Plan Be Different?

Your local restaurant, barber, or gift store, relies upon customers walking into their place of business.  There are specific methods used to get more “foot traffic” into such locations that are not suited to most concrete construction companies.


Your Local SEO Strategy For Concrete Construction Companies


Step #1

Your company’s business information must be readily found by potential customers.

In the past, the phonebook, newspapers, radio, and T.V. advertisements were the main marketing medias used.

Today your website, business directories, and social media are what customers are using to find, and compare concrete construction companies near them.

At the bare minimum you must have a website that provides the information customers are looking for, and that pre-sells them to buy your services and products.

Mistake #1 is not having a website that is up-dated with business information (name, address, phone, contact form) and that uses current SEO techniques.

Mistake #2: Not keeping up with Google and the competition.  Google continually changes its algorithm (which determines which website is displayed).

So, what worked yesterday, may not work as well tomorrow.

Also, as your competition implements newer or better SEO techniques, you will be losing more and more customers.

The Absolute Biggest Local SEO Strategy Mistake That Must Be Fixed


Mistake #3:  Your website doesn’t show up on the Google Map when someone searches for: concrete construction company, or concrete contractor.

 Why is this so important?

Essentially every search engine and every online map provider uses information from Google.

So, if Google doesn’t have enough information about your business, and if that information isn’t corroborated by other websites.

Then your business won’t show up on the first page of the search returns or on the map results.

Only 3 companies are listed next to the map results.  If your business is not one of those three map results, you are losing at least 50% of your customers  (See the map image below)

The way to fix this problem is to have a claimed Google My Business listing.

However, if your competitor is doing a better job on their local seo strategy than you are, you still may not be in the top three positions.  (See mistake #2 above.)

Without that Google My Business listing, you probably won’t be one of the top three on the map.


Vogel Concrete Construction has managed to pull this off by being physically closer to the location I searched from.

The question “Own this business?” shows that this Google My Business listing has not been claimed.

Additionally, there is very little competition.  So, Google is providing the best information it has.  In a more competitive market Vogel would not show up on the map results.

This means that any company that follows my advice in this article will easily steal that top spot from Vogel.

Vogel Concrete Construction GMB Listing 2017-12-25
concrete construction companies St. Paul MN


Note:  Even though Vogel Concrete Construction is in the  highly coveted #1 map result position, they don’t have a website listing.

This is costing them customers who are clicking on the website icons for Wayne Concrete, and/or Concrete Driveway Inc.

Also note If your business is listed in the “More Places” list, you need to up-grade your local seo strategy techniques.

What Do You Mean That My Business Must Be Corroborated?

Google insists that your business information is true, accurate and reliable, before your business will show up in the search results.

The problem for Google is that many people are trying to scam Google, because if they are successful, the profits are HUGE.

So, Google wants other websites, businesses, organizations and people to verify your business information, and to say you are the worlds best concrete construction company.

How is that done?

By mentioning your business name, website, physical address, business phone number, business Facebook fan page, etc.

See my article: Concrete Business Profits & Local Directory Citations SEO

For a concrete contractor or construction company, the best money you will ever spend, is on local business directory listings.

This will give Google the corroboration it needs to list your company at the top of the organic search results.

Additionally, many of these directories will have customer reviews about your business.

Those customer reviews are crucial for potential customers to decide that your company is the right choice for them.


Mistake #4

If there are negative reviews, you must address them directly if possible.

The alternative is to have many more good reviews, to drown out the negatives. 

However, if you have not claimed your business listing in that directory, you can’t respond to any of the reviews.

Mistake #5 is not claiming your business listing in the directories where your company is already listed.

Here again, if you have not claimed that directory listing, then Google isn’t going to place much value upon it.

Once you have claimed the listing, then your business gains the full trust and support provided by that directory.

This can boost your business to the top of the organic search results all by itself.

Step 2 Of Your Local SEO Strategy

Put Keyword Optimized Content On Your Website

Mistake #6: I see websites with very little written content. 

Directory listings give your business credibility, but written content provides the worthiness needed to be selected by the search engines to be displayed.

The content must be at least 75% unique from every other website.

Mistake #7: Duplicate content.  Even if you have unique content on one page of your website, you can’t put that same exact content on another page of your website.  This is the most basic local seo rule there is, and I still see it happening.

Each page or post must convey to the reader, and to the search engines, what it is all about.  Together they tell Google, Bing etc. what your business and website is all about.

Keywords, or keyword phrases, tell the search engines if your web page is relevant to the search query made.

You most likely found this article when you searched for: Local SEO Strategy, or something similar like: construction seo strategy.

Mistake #8: Keyword Stuffing.

There is no hard, concrete rule for how many times a keyword should be in your web page or article.

However, I can say that .6% to 3% keyword density is good.

That means that for every 100 words you have in your article, you can use your keyword 1-3 times.


Mistake #9: Picture Galleries Without Descriptions

Part of this problem is that search engines can’t read a picture.

You must tell Google and the other search engines what each picture is and what it means.

Pictures and videos are very important parts of your website.  So that potential customers can see what type of work you have done, the quality of your work, and to excite them with ideas that sell your concrete services.






FACT:  You can’t have too much high-quality content on your website.




FACT:  Concrete contractors are not marketers.

They don’t know what they don’t know, and it is killing their business.

Step 3: Watch the results from steps 1 & 2.

As you proceed with the above local SEO strategy steps, you may see immediate results.

Such as being listed on the map or on the first page of the search results.

Then again, it can take weeks and months for any noticeable results.

Each business is different, and each local market is different.

Therefore, your results will be different from all of your local competitors.

If you are not getting the results you want, contact me here.

Using these local seo strategies will give your concrete construction company a huge advantage over your competitors who don’t use these strategies.

There are many, many other seo techniques that can be employed, if needed.

However, these techniques are the most neglected, and the most important ones, that concrete contractors must use.

Mistake #10:  Thinking: I Don’t Need Any Of This Because…


  • I have a salesman that does all of my selling.

Salesmen don’t work 24/7 like your website does.

Nor can they contact as many potential customers as your website.


Not to mention that your website is an essential tool for your salesman to close customers.

Don’t short change your sales reps by not optimizing your website and overall online presence.


  • I network with other business owners, concrete association members, etc.


That is good marketing all by itself, and you should continue doing it.


However, this takes quite a bit of time, and it can be quite inconvenient.


Additionally, these contacts often times will look at your website to size up your company.


Nowadays, if your website doesn’t look professional, you may not look so professional either.


Your website is a sales machine that sells your company and you, to everyone that visits.  You know that a good impression is an important part of the know-like-trust equation that leads to success.


  • I get construction contracts by bidding on them.


This is the mainstay of many commercial concrete contractors.  The lowest bid wins, right?  Well, not always.


Local governments and large construction companies want low bids from reliable, dependable, experienced sub-contractors.


If your online web presence doesn’t present your business as being better than the other bidders – well, you know what happens.


Many concrete construction companies never get the opportunity to bid, because they are unknown to the general contractor or the local government that puts out the RFP.


What is the first thing a city council member does when they see an attractive bid from an unknown concrete contractor?  They look at your website, of course.  Then they will probably check out your business Facebook Fan Page.


They better like what they see!


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