To sell concrete countertops to kitchen and bath designers, you need an effective marketing plan.  That plan needs to be customized to your concrete business.

Here in Minnesota, the summer season is so short, you must have concrete services that you can sell during the winter.

Pour-in-place or precast concrete countertops are an excellent product to promote during the winter months when you can’t work outside.

You Must Sell Your Skills & Your Business

To Kitchen Designers

Before You Can Sell Concrete Countertops


Much of what you already do to sell a concrete countertop to a homeowner, also applies to kitchen and bath designers.

When homeowners or interior designers look for concrete countertop contractors they start an internet search.

Homeowners are more likely to use their cell phone, whereas designers would use a laptop or desktop computer.

Therefore, to sell concrete countertops you must be listed in the local business directories in order to show up in the map results.  On top of that, you must have a modern, up-to-date website that pre-sells the visitors.

We are talking about high-end countertops, because of the custom nature of this type of concrete product.  This means that you are not going to sell them in lower income or even lower middle-class neighborhoods.

Therefore, you must target kitchen designers (Which usually includes bath designers.) that are in upscale neighborhoods.

To Sell Concrete Countertops,

Target Affluent Neighborhoods


To sell concrete countertops outside of your service area, you only have a few choices:

  • Expand your service area. This may require you to eat the additional transportation costs, if you are in a highly competitive market.  However, once a kitchen design company has taken you on as one of their trusted concrete countertop contractors, those costs can be added into your price.


  • Move your business or open a new location.


  • Find different products to sell in your current service area.


Most higher income home owners prefer to work with an interior design company or kitchen designer than to contact concrete countertop companies directly.

Those homeowners usually prefer to have one person or company to handle all of the design and construction details for them.

Even so, the homeowners may find you before they choose a design company.

Therefore, the most economical way to get those customers is through your own website or a design company.

If you can recommend your potential client to a design company, you have just made yourself indispensable to that kitchen designer!

That is the best introduction to your company you will ever get.  Sending new business to them will practically guarantee additional work from them.

After all, you just proved that you can create and sell concrete countertops to the rest of their clients!

Show Pictures Of Concrete Countertops In Kitchens And Baths


Your website must show examples of your work,

because customers don’t know what they want

until they see something they like.

On the other hand, designers must see your work before they will even consider using your concrete services.

Once the kitchen or bath designer has seen your website’s pictures of concrete countertops, then invite them to your workshop.

If you are doing pour-in-place countertops, then invite them to the onsite location.  Being able to see your work in progress is the best way to sell your abilities.

Explaining the construction process first hand will ease their mind of any uncertainties they might have.


  • Kitchen and bath designers must understand the value of custom concrete countertops before they will sell them to their customers.


  • Talk about the durability and maintenance of concrete countertops


  • Questions about how much concrete countertops cost


  • The “look” of stained concrete countertops


  • Value comparisons of custom concrete vs granite countertops


  • Polished concrete countertops vs granite


  • Concrete countertops that look like granite


  • The difference between precast and pour-in-place countertops.



 sell concrete countertops like this black concrete kitchen countertop
Sell Concrete presents a white concrete kitchen countertop

Sell Concrete Kitchen Countertops Through Your Website

Your website is the digital equivalent of a billboard, printed brochure, business card, and salesman.

Throw in a picture gallery of stamped and stained concrete countertops, and a few videos to really “wow!” your visitors.

Concrete Countertops Video Marketing Strategy


A few very short videos on the process you use to create custom concrete countertops will build instant trust in you and your concrete business.

In these videos, you are not showing any secrets, or even enough to be a guide to making diy concrete countertops.

Think of these videos as a video brochure, and all you are doing is describing the brochure.  If you need help making videos, Sell Concrete can handle this for you.

Website Essentials To Sell Concrete Countertops

To Kitchen And Bath Designers


A website for any concrete business will need:


  • A Home Page. This is where your visitors first arrive to your website.  It must entice them to stay and to explore the rest of your website.  You only have a few seconds to keep them interested, and wanting to read more.


  • Your Contact Us Page is your opportunity to collect their name, phone and email address, and to lead them to additional sales content.


  • The Portfolio Page is the hub of your sales presentation. This is where visitors will decide if they like your work.  If not, they will click to your competitor’s website.


  • A Product Information Page will go into greater details about each service you provide, and why they need you to provide it. This is where you answer the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  These questions must be answered to remove any fears and doubts that would otherwise kill a sale.

Don’t Let Your Concrete Countertop Website Be Cold And Impersonal


Put your personality into your website.  It’s your personal image being presented to the world.  Let them know how lovable, dependable and interesting you really are.

When you meet a potential customer for the first time, they should already know you and like you.

Unless you actually have a showroom, or at least a workshop, to show off your concrete countertop creations, your website IS your showroom.  So, have plenty of videos and pictures of concrete countertops on your website.

Your work is a reflection of your creative nature.  So, when visitors see a picture of a countertop they love, they subconsciously love you too!  That builds rapport and trust, which leads to sales and income.

That rapport and trust will make you stand out from your competitors, and will get you referral business.

Whether you have your own showroom or not, you want to have your work on display in the designer’s kitchen and bath showroom.  Be it a specialty kitchen or bath design company or an interior designer, you must get your work displayed.

To Sell Concrete Countertops, Designers Must First Understand Them


In addition to that, each sales person in each showroom, must understand concrete countertops, because they won’t sell anything they don’t understand.

This again is an educational process that your website can present for you.  However, you must personally present yourself to those sales people.  When they love you, they will love your work too.

Offer the sales manager an educational presentation, so that the sales people will be better able to sell concrete countertops.

Be sure to explain that this is an additional avenue of income that they can dominate, because their competitors don’t understand the opportunity.

Kitchen and bath designers want to be known

for providing unique concrete countertop solutions

that their competitors can’t provide.

That is how they differentiate themselves from their competitors,

and steal the high-end clients.

Clients that demand the finest one-of-a-kind countertops,

that you create.

Everybody and their uncle Fester sells granite countertops, but you can sell completely unique creations!  So, let your creative side show through, and don’t be shy!  They need what you have, but you have to let them know you’ve got it.

In addition to kitchen or bath design firms, sell your concrete services to high end custom home builders, building architects, and landscape architects.

Remember this, don’t limit yourself to interior work.  Make sure these professionals know that you can do countertops in outdoor kitchens, BBQ pits or even poolside bars and tables.

 Sell concrete countertops like this BBQ countertop.

Lastly, consider giving a lecture to members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

You may even want to join them as member.  This will create greater trust between you, and the kitchen and bath design companies you contact.

To update your current website,

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